WE are a new kind of consulting firm of like minded professionals practicing collaboratively to solve our industry’s toughest problems.

FACILITATE intellectual sharing and knowledge transfer among our partners and with our clients, in an environment of fun, goodwill and humor, while surpassing our greatest professional challenges.

APPLY the resources of our partnership to transform healthcare delivery client by client, solution by solution, into a system of patient-centered care that is: technologically enabled, clinically excellent, financially viable and operationally sustainable.

IMPROVE clinical and operational performance of healthcare organizations by leveraging senior industry experts with technology, operations, financial and clinical backgrounds and a shared passion to transform healthcare.

EMPLOY these imperatives to effectively apply knowledge to achieve superior, sustainable performance.

DELIVER services with pragmatic professionals with in-the-trenches experience.  We are not a team of high-level theorists, but one that will impart genuine experiential input.

THRIVE under the stewardship of key industry experienced executive consultants working as partners with the firm and as members of the company advisory board.