Practical approach

Our recommendations are based on what we have found to work in a real healthcare environment, not theoretical, lofty expectations of how things ‘should’ be.

Deep specialty skills

We bring the “best and brightest” and superior counsel to our clients.

Strategic integration

We offer solutions in keeping with the organization’s strategic direction. We are careful not to create silos of improvements, nor suggest processes that conflict with other areas of the organization.

Scope discipline

In today’s complex systems, it’s easy to veer away from the initial issue(s). We have been witnesses to many consulting projects that grow and grow… We avoid scope creep and stay on task, on time and within budget.

Experience with complexity

We are frequently lauded by our clients because we stay one-step ahead of problems and push-back, and are able to anticipate “unforeseen” events and to make a lasting difference.

Balance and long term view

Our solutions reflect a long-term perspective, utilizing sound judgement, treating client teams with integrity, and maintaining a commitment to our clients’ best interests at all times.